The following is a message I submitted to one Joe Walsh, a former congressman turned political talking head on the right, via his website’s ‘Contact Us’ page.



Greetings and salutations, Mr. Walsh. After only a brief scroll through your Twitter feed, I can safely say you and I are diametrically opposed individuals. That’s perfectly fine. However, one of your recent tweets was brought to my attention via a article highlighting it. I refer to ‘The Musket Tweet’

The article’s reaction to it was, as I’m sure you suspect or are already aware, pretty negative, to say the least. I might normally concur with them, being a liberal, but something felt amiss. I read through the article a couple more times, and read through a few dozen of your tweets a second time to consider what felt so off about it.

Why would I bother, most might ask. I’m a liberal; this fellow is a conservative. Wouldn’t the normal reaction be to simply nod my head and write this guy off? No, not really. I think a dialogue needs to be had.

First, plenty of jokes have been made about how you possibly don’t know how to use a musket. All well and good, jokes are not something I’ll browbeat people for. As such, I suppose my first question is this: Was the tweet a joke? Did anybody stop to ask you if it’s a joke, a clever barb of red meat thrown out to gauge people’s reactions by using hyperbole of devolution?

My next question would be, do you really think an armed insurrection is justified by a lost election? Firstly, Trump supporters would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the vote had been rigged, a tall order even by Herculean standards. Short of a smoking gun, you would have to A) Admit and accept that the opposition is THAT GOOD at the game of politics, and B) Explain how that person is then somehow not the best person to protect against external threats to our system. After all, you belong to a political ideology that hollers that the most qualified person should be getting the job regardless of quotas or other determinants. Wouldn’t that be a quagmire of contradiction to try to plow through?

“Hillary cheated!”

-So, you really believe she’s got that much control and influence over the system? If so, doesn’t that mean she’s better at the elite-level trickery and nastiness that goes into running a country than your guy? If she’s better at it, shouldn’t she get the job? Oh, NOW you don’t believe in that? Seems disingenuous if you ask me.

Lastly, state election control boards are not federally controlled. Many conservatives point out constantly that the 2nd Amendment is in place to allow the people to protect themselves/rebel against a tyrannical federal government. Sorry to disappoint you, Mr. Walsh and company, but election control boards are STATE controlled, not FEDERALLY. Election officials are selected at a STATE and COUNTY level, not the FEDERAL level.

And finally, those officials only have agency and  authority in elections; they do not have agency or authority over criminal or civil legislation. You would be rebelling and arming yourselves against part-time state and county employees.

I would have loved to ask you these questions and make these points by calling into your show, but the number listed here on your website page just goes straight to a busy signal.