Greetings and salutations, all.  Joshua T. Calkins-Treworgy here.  It’s been a week (I think, maybe a day or so more) since I finished posting up the chapters of ‘A Hunter and His Prey’, and just like I did at the close of ‘Freedom or the Fire’, I’d like to offer this opportunity for readers of the blog/Tamalarian Tales to ask questions or offer their feedback on the story.  I always appreciate hearing from the folks who read my works, or who watch the Youtube videos I produce sporadically (

So here’s the opportunity, folks.  Anything you want to know about the story, or comments you want to leave (positive or negative, I can use either/or.  Positive makes me feel good, negative makes me take a look at what I can do better next time), this is the time!

Thanks for coming, thanks for reading, take care of yourselves, and as always, keep reading.