First and foremost, welcome back, folks.  It’s been another period of quiet here on the website, and for that, as ever, I apologize.  I find that I’m not much shakes when it comes to routine blogging in the written form, largely as a result of wanting to pour a great deal of thought and re-examination into pretty much anything I write.  If you’ve kept up here, the vast majority of entries on the site’s ongoing blog posts stem predominantly from days of handwritten notes and multiple drafts.  I used to fantasize about having a Toby Ziegler or Sam Seaborn position a la ‘The West Wing’, but I’d never cut muster; I just can’t crank out material like they did.


True, they’re fictional characters, but I’ve always suspected that the show reflected a fairly accurate portrayal of the kind of time crunch deadlines people in positions like that have to meet in real life. If not that, then something even more brutal, given the speed with which information travels these days. I can’t process that much information swiftly enough and give my own take on it in like fashion; I need a few hours at least to stew over anything relevant.


All of that aside, I’ve released the fourth and final Halloween celebration story on the podcast.  This makes four freebies for the month, as I initially set out to complete.  I’m not sure how long they’ll be up, but  you can listen to the latest one here: