Scott Sandridge is an indie storyteller, and a fellow I became friends with by way of mutual connections on Facebook. This is an everyday arrangement for most folks nowadays, and professional/industry relationships can be enjoyed even when two members of the same field have never met.  He’s a horror author, and though I have yet to read any of his work (we really should arrange an exchange, he and I), there is certainly plenty of evidence to be gleaned from the style of his posts that Scott is a dab hand at writing narrative.


While we both are weavers of weird, another thing that comes through quite plainly is that Scott and I are possessed of very different political perspectives in various areas of discussion.  Now and again, I will react to one of his posts coming out of the political right (he’s a clear conservative) with moderately aggressive counterarguments/statements, often couched from a politically left (liberal) perspective.  In pretty much every instance, a gaggle of his fellow conservatives bring down a dogpile of invective that lacks in logic, facts, or reasonable argumentation, while I counter almost every one of them, as swiftly as I am able given opportunity.  I utilize facts, site reliable sources, and point out no less than 3 logical fallacies in their caterwauling blitzkrieg.  It’s almost as if they’re utterly incapable of accepting that logic and reason may actually show them to be in the wrong, or that someone might challenge their political perspectives.  Were I physically in the room with most of these folks, I suspect a few of them might consider either breaking something over my head, or taking a swing at me. That’s how aggressively they come across.


Yet even when these fires rage, in their aftermath, Scott and I remain friends via Facebook.  We are adamantly opposed on certain topics, about the same wavelength on others, and in full agreement in still other areas.  In short, we are both men of complex and nuanced thought.  This may make our acquaintance seem rather odd to some, but for us, it works, because more than politics or societal beliefs and philosophies, we share a singular common pursuit:


To creep the hell out of people with the written word.


Frankly, I think it’s better to have friends you can disagree with, vehemently so sometimes, than nothing but codswallops who will blindly agree with you to keep things on the up and up.


Narrative: keeping people talking since, well, ever.