It’s a question plenty of indie content creators have asked at some point, and I’ve finally hit the juncture where I feel I must voice the question myself of my audience:


Where did I go wrong?


For ten years I’ve been creating genre fiction in the areas of fantasy, horror and to a lesser degree, sci-fi.  I’ve worked with two separate publishing houses, both small presses, produced content independently through outlets such as Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, Wattpad (recently), and have on numerous occasions, produced free content via, YouTube, my Storyteller’s Corner podcast, and the Archive section right here on this website.  I’ve shared posts on Facebook and via Twitter, established a Patreon, and have on several occasions spent days, even weeks focusing on nothing but getting the word out.


And it has all yielded me close to nothing in terms of results.  So, the question must now be begged, where did I go wrong?


I know it’s naive to think that quality of content alone can get people to stand up and take notice.  I’m fairly certain it isn’t the quality of the material that continues to hold me back; I never would have secured publishing contracts in the first place if that were the issue. Is it that my writing doesn’t follow whatever current trend is the call of the day? Is it because I don’t force love triangles into stories that absolutely don’t need one? Is it because I’m not working with known qualities within the industry?


These would normally be hypothetical questions, but I’m quite stumped, you see, and since I never get any goddamned feedback, one of the few things I ever ask for, I’ve gone through most of my usual doldrums and arrived in that weird space between depression and anger, leaning ever more out of the gray fog that is a low funk and into the scarlet of growling at people.


So do tell me folks, if you’ve got the energy to give a shit and offer a response, where did I go wrong?