If you’ve been listening to the podcast, or caught the links I dropped today over on Facebook, then you’re aware, folks, that I’m shifting direction, big time. No longer will you find an Amazon listing linked in the banner at the top of the site, because frankly, I’ve had enough of them.


I’ve had enough of their abuses against the content creators.


I’ve had enough of their mistreatment of their own employees.


I’ve had enough of their company name being the first one uttered by anybody asked where they get their books.


I’ve had enough of contributing to the power of this Goliath. I’m no David, I’ve got no sling to hurl the mighty stone to fell the beast, but with enough little guys bringing their weapons to bear, I’m thinking maybe we can turn the scene into something out of Gulliver’s Travels, sans the Lilliputians freeing the guy. Until this mega-retailer can clean up its act, I’ll feel a whole lot better not helping them push the little guy down.